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Elite Manufacturing was founded to be the first of its kind…a small Tier 1 Contract Electronic Manufacturer.

We provide the highest level of technical, supply chain and program management capabilities in New England, combined with the newest, most cutting-edge machinery in the industry.

The Electronics Industry is at a critical juncture in the technology timeline right now.

Every day new Robotics, UAV, LED and IoT companies are being founded by the brilliant students and recent grads from MIT, Northeastern, Boston College, BU etc… and they have nobody to turn to for their high tech production needs.

The companies that they started don't have enough annual spend to interest the large Contract Manufacturers, which currently are the only ones that have the equipment and engineering expertise that they need.

So what do they do? They are forced to settle for one of the litany of small Contract Manufacturers that are using legacy machinery and don't have the level of technical capability that they need to succeed.

DON'T SETTLE! Elite Manufacturing was created to be the solution to all of the problems that smaller & mid-sized OEM's come up against every day in New England. To experience the level of service and capabilities that your company deserves call us today: (978) 688-6150.

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